Ruffled Patched Jeans

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First of all, you must understand that I am very new to the world of sewing.  I watched my mother sew for my entire life and didn’t really have an interest.  Now that I have a little girl and frilly pretty things are so expensive it is nice to be able to learn to sew.

My sweet girl is very good at getting holes in all of her pants.  I don’t think she owns a pair right now that doesn’t show her knees or has the beginning signs.  Instead of purchasing new clothes I decided to give a patch a try.  I think ruffles are adorable and I wanted something to peak out from the hole not patch over top.

Tips used in this craft

I pulled several tips from other blogs since I am not a wonderful sewer.

What you need
  • Jeans or pants with hole in the knee
  • scrap fabric
  • sturdy fabric to sew ruffles to
  • sewing machine
How I did it
  1. First I tore strips of fabric from my scrap pile.  They need to be pretty long since you are going to gather them later.
  2. I also cut a square piece of jean fabric from one of the pair of jeans I was going to donate.  Better to reuse I think.
  3. With each strip of fabric I gathered them the cheating way described above.
  4. Lay a gathered strip on the square of jean fabric and pin at each end.
  5. Sew along the middle of the strip and cut of the excess.
  6. Lay another strip of gathered fabric so that the bottom edge covers up the stitching from the previous ruffle.
  7. Continue until you have the amount of ruffles you need to fill the hole in the jeans
  8. Open up the easier seam in the pants to sew back together which for this pair was the outer seam.  There was no top stitching on it and it was easy to close.
  9. Pink your patch so that the ruffles show through the hole and sew around the edge with a zig-zag stitch.
  10. Sew up the opened seam and you are done.I messed up a little on the bottom zigziag stitch. Oh well.  Still a pretty cute outcome.
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