ABOUT | Adria Peaden

I once saw a survey that asked, "Name the first thing you notice on another person?"

My answer, their expression.

Growing up as a military child I was forced into new situations every 2-3 years.  Adaptation to my environment equaled survival throughout my school years.  The quicker I could figure out the local way of life the better I fared.  That adaptive skill was the unknown training I now use in this documentary family photography style.

Ok, so I have good observation skills but this is supposed to be about me .... right? So here is my journey to being a photographer.

For those who have kids you know that first baby has all the pictures, I mean ALL the pictures.  Babies 2, 3 and so on have less and less because, let's face it, you just don't have time.  My mother told this to me several times as a kid so I made it a point as my kids grew up they would have equal camera time.  In 2008, my husband acknowledged that I might have some skill with a camera so he was the one that convinced me to buy my first big girl camera.  From that point I just fell in love.

In 2015, I discovered a section of the portrait world that devoted their craft to honestly documenting a family.  There is very minimal editing but more focus on the moment.  It was my calling.  I felt like up until I found the documentary style that I didn't have my artistic voice completely in tune.  Some seasons I would love vibrant colors, other seasons more muted and yet I was struggling to LOVE my pictures.  After mentoring with the amazing Kirsten Lewis, I found my pitch perfect note.  Now my focus is on telling your story.  This story is not fiction so we will show you as you are.  You will be in love with your kids' expressions, your spouse and their antics, the family as they giggle and hug and all the precious moments in between.

Random Things

I play the clarinet, piano, oboe, and tenor saxophone.

My Favorite Movie: The Color Purple (I cry every time I see Danny Glover in the field after Whoopi meets her kids)

My favorite musical is....oh wait....I love them all!

Disney fanatic in the house

Favorite Song: To Be With You by 80's hair band Mr. Big.

Favorite Food:  strawberries

I love Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney and Star Wars anything.

Chewing noises drive me bonkers.

Favorite Book:  The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

I CrossFit and I love it.

3 kids is my limit and I reached it.

Meet Adria