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You might have heard of portrait photography, wedding photography or even lifestyle photography but I am a totally different breed of photographer.  Documentary family photography might seem like a new category but really the style of documentary photography has been around since the camera was invented.  The purpose of the camera was to capture life as a still portrait.  Previous to the camera artists offered their interpretations of life whereas the camera caught real life.  Apply this concept to the family portrait and now you have a series of photographs that show your relationships, emotions and movement as a family.  

What is a portrait?  That is a good question.  Think on that for a second.  Are you answering based on what you see at your parent's house, on pinterest, at a friend's house or are you answering based on what you would prefer to see on your walls?  Let me try to convince you that a portrait is more than just eyes toward the camera and big smiles.  A portrait is a snapshot with a story, with emotion and with purpose.  Take your child's portrait and you should see their personality and age all wrapped up into one picture.  

A 6 year old girl who is between Kindergarten and 1st grade who is missing a couple of front teeth.  She is staring to mature but still a little girl.  Does she still love dolls?  Would she wear a dress to play street hockey?  Can she put on makeup better than mom?  Is she a bookworm still struggling to read?  The portrait hanging on your wall should remind you of that child at that time in their life.  It should bring back the memories of how they make that face all the time. 

The preteen boy who would rather play his video games then talk to anyone.  A deeper voice is cracking through yet he still doesn't mind a hug or two from mom.  Is he training to get the college scholarship in baseball?  

Let school portraits tell you how they grew from year to year, let the documentary family photography show their personality.

Here from clients

Jaime V.

I know you are probably reading these reviews wondering if Adria is going to be able to accommodate your family, because your kids are too crazy, your family is too big, you aren't photogenic, or you have someone with special needs in your family. Let me reassure you that you have found the right person. We hired her to take family photos for a vacation to PCB. I liked how her pictures of large families looked. Little did I know what a treat we were in for. Not only were the photos amazing, edited naturally and beautifully, we all had a great time. Don't miss out on the chance to let her catch your family being awesome. Incredible work, worth every penny. 

Jessi P.

Adria has a way of capturing the raw, unfiltered beauty of REAL LIFE.  There were virtually Zero directives during our snapshot session.  Adria just said, "run, play...go!".  She ecouraged us to be US...she captures the thinker, the silly, the playful... It's like you can look at these pictures and hear the giggles.  I can see the personalities of my girls so well in this photography style...rather than a super posed, "everyone look and smile" type session (Which is NOT us!).  I loved that every minute was stress free and fun.  I can always trust Adria into making our daily "crazy" into "crazy BEAUTIFUL!"

Courtney W.

The look Calli is giving you.....hit me right in my soul.  Which is typical of her... she has a way of looking not just at you but into the depths of you.  I cannot get over how you captured so many of the girls' looks that we see on a daily basis but really never have been able to capture on film.

FEATURED | clausen family

Take a look at how a documentary family photographer approaches a beach session.  Basically we play and you go home with fun pictures from the beach.  You can choose to dress up like the Clausen family or get real and play in your swimsuits.  Either way you will have lots of fun memories to take home.

Panama City Beach Photographer | Adria Peaden